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Why Choose Bruder?

Bruder. Better By Design.

Why are Bruder products #1 doctor recommended?
It’s all in the science.

All Bruder products undergo extensive testing and are made using extremely high-quality materials. For example, Bruder masks aren’t filled with inexpensive gels or silica beads like most other masks. Instead, the Bruder mask is the only mask on the market that contains patented MediBeads®. By silver-infusing the beads directly into the bead structure we’ve ensured that you get a pure, clean, moist heat with every use. This unique design also helps to repel bacteria and keep eyelids clean. This same attention to detail and commitment to scientifically-backed material selection is what makes Bruder products stand out.

The Science Behind the Bruder Mask

The Science Behind Bruder Cold Therapy

The Science Behind the Hygienic Eyelid Solution

Bruder Healthcare Company

Celebrating over 30 Years of product innovation

At Bruder, we want to make life a little bit better for people by providing effective and comfortable solutions for dry eye and pain management. Since 1986, we have provided safe, effective therapeutic and analgesic products to medical professionals and consumers. We are proud of our excellent reputation for innovation and for our state of the art products that are used in medical settings and homes around the world.

Whether you suffer from dry eye disease, chronic or acute pain, Bruder has a product that will help you live a more active and fulfilling life. Our products are designed to deliver fast acting therapeutic relief from the pain associated with arthritis, muscle aches, joint pain, dry eye disease and more.

Bruder Healthcare Company
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Partnering with Key Industry Professionals

Bruder is privileged to have Advisory Boards made up of key industry leaders in the eye care community. Their experience and industry knowledge help us to bring quality products to market.

Dr. Paul Karpecki, OD, FAAO
Chairman, Optometric Advisory Board
Bruder Medical Director

The Bruder Optometric Advisory Board provides valuable insights into the optometry market. Their guidance and experience helps in Bruder’s focus on development of products for the treatment of dry eye, and in educating fellow doctors and patients on the importance of maintaining overall eye health.

Dr. Cynthia Matossian, MD
Chairman, Medical Advisory Board

The Bruder Medical Advisory Board provides significant insight into clinical practice, developing new programs and resources, and educating fellow practitioners and patients on the importance of maintaining overall ocular surface health and wellness.

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Bruder products can be purchased in bulk quantities at wholesale prices, enabling you to easily provide it to patients! The Bruder Professional Portal provides access to: