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The M&S Bruder Ocular Surface Analyzer™ (BOSA) delivers Dry Eye Assessment in 15 seconds per eye.
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Bruder Mask

Only the Bruder Mask has patented silver-infused, antibacterial MediBeads® for clean, moist heat and 2-pod design, for superior comfort and performance

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In-Office Allergy Testing
Bruder Virtual Catalog

Discover If Allergies Are Contributing to Eye Irritation. More here.

New Eyedration by Bruder

A convenient, single-use moist heat eye mask designed by doctors, to relieve dry, tired eyes. Air-activated for relief and comfort, on the go. More here.

Dry Eye Drink

What Makes Dry Eye Drink So Different? With a formulation developed by eye doctors, its ingredients have been beneficial to eye health, without inflammatories like sugar. More here.

Open Your Eyes

You know us for our #1 doctor recommended moist heat mask. But did you know we also offer a comprehensive line of science-based products for lid hygiene and more?

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Provide the #1 doctor recommended dry eye products to your patients between office visits. Stock up today.

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Why should Bruder be part of your dry eye treatment?

The Bruder Moist Heat Eye Compress is more than a product — it’s a treatment protocol that delivers results, improves patient satisfaction, and increases compliance. Order it today and make it a regular part of patient care for mild to severe issues, as well as preventative maintenance for overall eye health.

Play Video about Bruder Eye Compress Video Image
Play Video about Bruder Eye Compress Video Image

A Product for Every Patient

Bruder products can help prevent and treat sources of pain and discomfort related to patients' dry eye, blepharitis, allergies, sinuses, and more! Increase compliance and help patients take control of their eye health and discover what Bruder products will help their particular needs.

Combining pre-surgical protocols into one convenient carrying case, the Bruder Sx Kit helps improve post-surgical results by stabilizing the tear film, removing debris and slowing tear evaporation.
Clearing oil glands and allowing natural oils to flow back onto the tear film, the patented #1 doctor recommended Bruder eye mask treats chronic dry eye.
Improving ocular surface health before surgery, Bruder eyelid wipes can relieve patient symptoms including burning, watering and dryness.
Contains 0.01% Pure HOCl -- Combating microorganisms while optimizing the ocular surface, Bruder hypochlorous acid spray treats eyelid conditions such as blepharitis and styes.
Hyper-hydrating the body and eyes with a unique blend of vitamins and extracts, The Dry Eye Drink by Bruder has anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative and anti-bacterial properties.
Featuring 4-Terpineol, a tea tree oil extract, to help treat Demodex, Dry Eye, Blepharitis and Meibomian Gland Dysfunction while also improving lid hygiene.

Ready to Bring Soothing Relief to Your Patients?

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Professional Resources

Explore research behind moist heat therapy, the benefits of preparing the ocular surface prior to surgery, the importance of meibomian gland health, and discover how doctors use Bruder in their offices!

Make life easier for patients with dry eye and eye pain

Whether you’re seeing your patients in-office, online, or over the phone, the all-in-one Bruder Hygienic Eyelid Care Kit including the Bruder Moist Heat Eye Compress helps keep their eyes healthy until their next appointment. Just what the doctor ordered!

The Bruder Hygienic Eyelid Care Kit to help relieve dry eye and contact lens discomfort