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Why are Bruder products #1 doctor recommended?
It’s all in the science.

All Bruder products undergo extensive testing and are made using extremely high-quality materials. For example, Bruder masks aren’t filled with inexpensive gels or silica beads like most other masks. Instead, the Bruder mask is the only mask on the market that contains patented MediBeads®. By silver-infusing the beads directly into the bead structure we’ve ensured that patients get a pure, clean, moist heat with every use. This unique design also helps to repel bacteria and keep eyelids clean. This same attention to detail and commitment to scientifically-backed material selection is what makes Bruder products stand out.

Josh Johnston, OD

A 3-step hygiene routine helps address a range of lid hygiene and ocular surface issues that exacerbate blepharitis.

Paul Karpecki OD

Eyelid cleansing is a well-established part of the treatment of dry eye and blepharitis, but also has benefits for overall wellness    

Laura Periman, MD

Cleaning your eyelids and lashes may be one of the most important personal daily hygiene habits you can adopt – just like brushing your teeth or washing your face.
Mile Brujic, OD FAAO from Premier Vision Group who attended Bruder's patient eye protection round table

Mile Brujic, OD

The Bruder Compress is the centerpiece of an effective ocular wellness routine. It helps to get the oils moving and keeps it moving so glands don’t remain clogged.

Kelly Nichols, OD

A daily eye wellness routine can help treat or prevent problems between eye care visits.