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New Air-Activated Eyedration Eye Mask offers eye comfort and convenience to millions of patients


October 20, 2023 (ATLANTA) – Bruder Healthcare, a Hilco Vision Company and home to the #1 doctor recommended microwave-activated Bruder Moist Heat Eye Mask, today announces the addition of a convenient, single use air-activated moist heat eye mask, Eyedration™ by Bruder®, for patients nationwide suffering from dry, tired eyes. The single-use mask, which begins heating once opened and exposed to the air, maintains therapeutic moist heat sufficient to melt the meibum oil in eyelid glands and help maintain tear production. Soft ear loops unfold from the mask, keeping it in place when worn.


For travel, work, vacation, outdoors or anywhere a microwave is not available for moist heat eye compress

50 Million Suffer Symptoms of Dry Eye Disease

An estimated 50 million* U.S. adults suffer from the symptoms of dry eye disease. Eyedration joins the Bruder Healthcare family of products designed to treat dry eye, including the Bruder mask, lid wipes, hygienic spray, and the popular new hyper-hydration drink mix, The Dry Eye Drink by Bruder. Over the counter, in-home treatments are a mainstay at Bruder, offering natural science-based solutions to anyone experiencing dry, scratchy, tired eyes, whether they are currently being treated by an eye doctor or for those self-treating at home.

On-the-go option to the #1 Doctor Recommended Bruder mask

“With our exclusive licensing of The Dry Eye Drink, we also licensed the Eyedration mask. As a complement to our respected Bruder moist heat eye compress, the Eyedration mask provides a convenient way to maintain your eye health regimen when traveling, or where a microwave is not available,” said Brent Jones, Global Head of Dry Eye for Hilco Vision and General Manager at Bruder Healthcare. Eyedration also provides doctors with a one-time use product to prepare patients prior to manual expression and debridement of the eyelids for more successful expression of oils.

Adding the single-use moist heat eye mask to the Bruder Healthcare family of products is also a complement to the Bruder Specialty Instruments product line, which includes the Karpecki Debrider, to remove the keratin caps of the meibomian glands, and the Collins Expressor Forceps, which expresses the meibum oil from those glands.

Clogged glands in the eyelids are a common ailment, due to people’s decreased blink rate, a common problem in the United States and abroad, brought on by the extended use of digital screens, medications, dehydration, eye surgeries, contact lens wear, aging, menopause, and other health-related issues.
Eyedration by Bruder is sold in a convenient 10-mask pouch.

Eyedration Bag 1200x900

Easy to use Eyedration by Bruder mask introduced in the Big Easy during AAO New Orleans 2023

During the American Academy of Optometry conference and tradeshow, Bruder Healthcare gave out more than 1,000 of the new single-use, air-activated masks within 6 hours. Interest remains high.

About Bruder Healthcare
Bruder Healthcare designs and markets therapeutic and ophthalmic medical products to professionals and consumers around the world, including the #1 doctor-recommended moist heat eye compress. Their broad line of proprietary products provides relief for the millions of people who suffer from pain, dry eye, and other ocular surface conditions. Bruder Healthcare is a part of the Hilco Vision family of eye care brands and companies. Open Your Eyes to Bruder™ at

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