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Leading Optometrists Speak at Vision Expo East on Dry Eye

leading optometrists

NEW YORK CITY, March 15, 2024 — At Vision Expo East 2024 in New York City, four leaders in optometry focused on the diagnosis and treatment of dry eye, a prevalent ocular surface disease, in “Dry Eye/Ocular Surface Disease: Diagnosis and Identification Treatment Plan”.

Speakers Marc Bloomenstein, OD, Paul Karpecki, OD, Laura M Periman, MD, and Jack Schaeffer, OD shared their insights and strategies. They delved into several subjects including differentiating between evaporative dry eye and aqueous deficient dry eye (crucial for tailoring appropriate treatment plans). Protocols for managing dry eye were discussed, with emphasis on meibomian gland expression with manual debrider and expressor forceps. Insights into improving the eye’s biofilm as a strategy to combat Ocular Surface Disease, highlighting the efficacy of hypochlorous acid, was another point made during the presentation.

This session not only served as a platform for discussing the latest advancements in dry eye treatment but also underscored the collaborative efforts of professionals and companies like Bruder Healthcare in enhancing patient care in the field of optometry.

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