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Eyedration by Bruder

Air-Activated Moist Heat Eye Mask for Relief and Comfort on the go

What is an Eyedration mask?

Eyedration® by Bruder® is a soft, self heating, single-use eye mask that, once opened, provides quick therapeutic, moist heat lasting up to 20 minutes, delivering relief and promoting natural eye hydration.

How does it heat up?

It’s air-activated; no microwave or cord needed. When the package is opened, the mask’s natural ingredients automatically heat to the appropriate temperature needed to melt the meibum.

Active Ingredients: Iron powder. activated carbon, water, inorganic salt, vermiculite.

How can it help?

When applied, the mask warms the glands in the eyelids releasing natural oils that help keep tears from evaporating, providing comfort for tired, irritated eyes.

How can it be used in office?

The Eyedration Mask provides a clean, one-time-use solution for preparing patients prior to in-office procedures such as manual expression or eyelid debridement. Clearing obstructed meibomian glands and restoring the flow of healthy lipids into the tear film is an essential step for patients with ocular surface disease or meibomian gland disease (MGD). Use of the Eyedration mask can enhance your results, while introducing the benefits of moist heat treatments to your patients.

A convenient, single-use moist heat eye mask designed by doctors, to relieve dry, tired eyes. Individually wrapped for effective dry eye relief at home or on the go.

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Additional In-office professional use

  • Offer EYEDRATION masks as a complementary service during eye exams or vision screenings, providing patients with a soothing and relaxing experience while waiting for their appointment. 
  • Use EYEDRATION masks during consultations or meetings with clients to create a calm and comfortable environment, helping them feel more at ease and engaged in the discussion. 
  • Provide EYEDRATION masks to employees working long hours on computers or in front of screens, helping to alleviate eye strain and promote relaxation during breaks. 

Providing Effective Dry Eye Care Grows Your Practice

Often undiagnosed, Dry Eye Care has a $1.8 billion potential for eye care professionals. Eyedration by Bruder safely unclogs meibomian glands to help relieve symptoms of dry eye

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Meibomian Gland Expression

Warming the lids prior to meibomian gland expression is a common technique used in the management of meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD). MGD is a chronic condition charac-terized by abnormal meibum, the oily substance secreted by the meibomian glands that helps lubricate the eyes. When meibum becomes thick and obstructs the glands, it can lead to dry eye symptoms, discomfort, and potential damage to the ocular surface. 

Eyedration by Bruder is designed for comfort and convenience in mind. The individually wrapped Eyedration mask provides a one-time use product that can be activated by the patient, without additional steps in heating.  Call Bruder Healthcare  today at 888-827-8337 to learn more.

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Eyedration Air Activated Single-Use Moist Heat Eye Compress

Item #88810. Sold in case pack of 12

Quick Therapeutic Heat in a Single-Use Mask, No Microwave Needed

Eyedration is a single use eye mask, heat-activated upon opening the package.

Provides a clean, one-time-use solution for preparing patients prior to in-office procedures such as manual expression or eyelid debridement.  Can use as a complement to the Bruder mask, especially when traveling. 

The Science behind the Mask: Heat activation is possible through iron powder, activated carbon, water, inorganic salt, and vermiculite, all housed in a pod within the mask, one per eye.

News About Eyedration

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Additional Professional Resources

Explore research behind moist heat therapy and the benefits of recommending warming compresses and lid hygiene routines. You can also read about the importance of optimization of the ocular surface prior to surgery, the importance of meibomian gland health and discover how doctors use Bruder products in their offices.

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